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About Our Company

Al Khateeb Enterprises FZE & Al Khateeb Global Trading LLC are members of the Al Khateeb Group of Companies which was originally established in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi - UAE in 1971. Upon its foundation, the group was originally created to provide car accessories and meet the demand for a growing spare parts trading industry.

Today, our company is a global car parts and accessories company with offices and business partnerships in many countries throughout the Middle East, North Africa, Europe, and Asia. We are proud to offer reputable distribution of our products through distinct and varied channels of retail and wholesale customers throughout the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Russia, and other parts of the world. We are currently engaging with our customers on many platforms including social media and the world wide web to better understand their needs and wants and fulfill them instantly.

All of our items are manufactured to the highest standard of excellence within our own quality-controlled facility and are branded exclusively under our trusted company name. Our team of manufacturing professionals ensures that the quality of each product is continuously monitored within our testing facilities, and we remain committed to offering the most durable, reliable, and user-friendly car parts and accessories on the market. We provide assurance that our tailor-made auto parts and accessories are continuously adapted and improved to suit the needs of our online, retail, and wholesale clients in each and every market across the globe.

Our team is focused not only on innovation and quality, but also on offering our online, retail, and wholesale clients the latest technology updates, all at a competitive price that allows for a superior profitability margin. We have a wide variety of car parts and accessories available, including car alarms, air fresheners, bumpers, DVD players, car seat covers, body kits, lights, filters, and more.

When you partner with us, our excellence in customer service provides you with peace of mind that you are receiving a durable, reliable, and high-quality end product. We will always offer the most competitive price possible, so that you are able to maintain a competitive edge as you provide your customers with affordable parts and accessories.

Our products are designed based on the current market demand of large international companies, and we have incorporated the most essential and requested features into our tailor-made parts and accessories. Our innovative, user-friendly products are now available to all companies that aspire to leverage their wide scale clientele base. We want to take the time to thank you for your ongoing loyalty and support, and to provide assurance that you can count on our sincere commitment to quality, reliability, and up-to-date products.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to stay a step ahead of the competition through continuous improvement and innovation. We are always paying close attention to industry trends, market research, and the latest demands in advanced technology, and using this information to inspire the creations of our manufacturing team.

Our Mission

Our company mission is to be the premier supplier of quality car parts and accessories to online customers, retailers, and wholesalers across the globe. We strive to provide the opportunity for profitable growth through competitive pricing and superior products for our partners of every size and in any industry. When end consumers have access to superior quality in car parts and accessories, their vehicles will provide them with joy, convenience, and reliability.

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